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About us

Nicholas Daddona, Owner/ President

Nick was born and raised in Fall River, MA. He is a graduate of BMC Durfee High School and went on to study business at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. After college, Nick became a registered representative with New York Life Insurance Company. At 24, Nick opened up his first Allstate Insurance Agency in Dartmouth, MA. He realized that insurance is very different in Massachusetts than in most states. To better help serve his clients, he had to be able to offer multiple solutions. Thus Southcoast Insurance Group was born.

As the insurance business grew, Nick saw an opportunity to use his knowledge, skills, and experience in the insurance and investment industry to bring more value to his clients. His ultimate passion is to help with financial planning. The investment firm Southcoast Financial Group was formed, specializing in asset preservation, income planning, and wealth management.

The most important aspect of Nick’s life is and always will be his beautiful family. His wife Lucy is a small-town Indiana girl who, by some miracle, actually married him. Feel free to ask Nick about how they met; he loves to tell it. They have been blessed with two beautiful children, their daughter Charlotte and son Elliott. They now reside in Marion, Massachusetts, with their Goldendoodle, Scout.

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About Us

A Leading Insurance Agency for Over 35 years

Southcoast Insurance Group was founded in Fall River, MA, in 1975 and is now one of the largest and fastest-growing independent insurance agencies in Massachusetts. Our staff of highly trained and licensed insurance experts has decades of real-world experience.

We provide tailored insurance, employee benefits, and bond solutions for businesses and personal risks of all sizes. Licensed in over 45 states and growing, Southcoast Insurance Group is committed to providing the best in service and policy protection to meet the coverage needs of our clients worldwide.

As an independent insurance agency, we represent your needs by using the latest industry technology, following the strictest ethical guidelines, and maintaining expert knowledge of all products and services offered by major insurance companies.

Southcoast Insurance Group is proud to offer a comprehensive line of insurance products and services to over 14,000 customers throughout Massachusetts. For our business clients, we provide property insurance, general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and directors’ and officers’ liability coverage. And our employee benefits department helps companies of all sizes choose and implement group health, life, and disability plans.

We also offer personal insurance coverage to protect the assets and financial well-being of individuals and families in Massachusetts. This includes auto insurance, home insurance, personal umbrella insurance, and more.

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Why Southcoast Insurance Group?

Over time, premiums can rise to a level that makes most people consider changing to another insurance agency. If you are like most people, there is never enough time to completely check all rates with all reliable carriers.

Southcoast Insurance Group is an independent agency that takes the time to compare rates for you. Simply provide us with the information we need to compare rates from top carriers, and you will have multiple quotes to choose from.


Advancements in communication technology have made it easier than ever to effectively interact with clients and insurance companies without having to scatter agents and offices throughout our service area. At Southcoast Insurance Group, however, we value personal, daily interaction with our clients and among our agency staff.

We encourage an open and natural exchange of ideas in order to spark the creative solutions that are necessary to protect our clients in an ever-changing world. By coupling the best technology the insurance industry has to offer with an extensive presence in the local community and statewide, Southcoast Insurance Group can offer products and service capabilities that are second to none.

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Marketing Philosophy

We don’t move accounts from one carrier to another just to save a few dollars. We believe in building relationships with clients and carriers—including longstanding relationships with individual underwriters—and acting as the advocate for our clients in their relationships with carriers.

Staying with a particular insurance agency, rather than switching carriers year after year, helps to build a strong partnership that will yield better results and better service over the long term. In return, we expect carriers to keep pricing and coverage availability current as markets evolve in order to better cultivate and maintain those long-term relationships with us and with our clients.

Find the Right Policy

At Southcoast Insurance Group, we’re prepared to give you the guidance you deserve.