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Meet the Team


Nicholas Daddona

Nick was born and raised in Fall River, MA. He is a graduate of BMC Durfee High School and went on to study business at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. After college, Nick became a registered representative with New York Life Insurance Company. At 24, Nick opened up his first Allstate Insurance Agency in Dartmouth, MA. He realized that insurance is very different in Massachusetts than in most states. To better help serve his clients, he had to be able to offer multiple solutions. Thus Southcoast Insurance Group was born.

As the insurance business grew, Nick saw an opportunity to use his knowledge, skills, and experience in the insurance and investment industry to bring more value to his clients. His ultimate passion is to help with financial planning. The investment firm Southcoast Financial Group was formed, specializing in asset preservation, income planning, and wealth management.

The most important aspect of Nick’s life is and always will be his beautiful family. His wife Lucy is a small-town Indiana girl who, by some miracle, actually married him. Feel free to ask Nick about how they met; he loves to tell it. They have been blessed with two beautiful children, their daughter Charlotte and son Elliott. They now reside in Marion, Massachusetts, with their Goldendoodle, Scout.

Nick Daddona

Ana Fidalgo

Ana Fidalgo is a reliable CSR that went to school in Brooklyn, NY. She loves meeting all sorts of different people and helping them with their unique insurance needs. Her passion for this work drives her and helps her to go the extra mile to assist each and every client. Outside of work, she loves to read and sew.

Ana Fidalgo
Personal Lines Senior Manager

Niz Sousa

Niz Sousa graduated from Taunton High School and went on to become an insurance specialist to help others. She loves meeting new people and helping them; when you work with her, you can be confident that you’ll be well taken care of. When not at work, she loves to spend time with her family or out in the garden. She also has three dogs and two chickens, which help to keep her busy.

Niz Sousa
Commercial Accounts Manager

Lisa Souza

Lisa Souza went to school at Tiverton High School and has a passion for helping people in the local community. She is passionate about being able to help others find the coverage they need to protect their hard-earned investments. She encourages her clients to reach out and get more information—there are no dumb questions, after all, and she and the others are here to help others learn!

Lisa adores her family and friends and loves being able to spend time with them and her French bulldog outside of work.

Lisa Souza
Director of Marketing And Business Development

Brieanna Wood

Brieanna Wood is a reliable professional who’s here to help clients make confident financial decisions. She believes in encouraging others to be kind and to do what they love—and is here to help others make smart decisions so that they can pursue their goals.

Brieanna Wood is currently finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Massachusetts (Charlton College of Business) in Dartmouth, MA. Once she’s completed her undergraduate degree, she plans to apply to the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MCBA) graduate program at Bentley University. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing her hobbies of needlepoint and baking.

Brieanna Wood
Commerical Lines Customer Service Rep

Lisa Sousa

Lisa Sousa is prepared to provide clients with reliable assistance and guidance. She is passionate about helping others and will go the extra mile to assist with their needs. Outside of work, she loves traveling, gardening, and working with animals—in fact, she owns many different pets, including five dogs, two birds, a turtle, and an axolotl. She loves hanging out with her friends and family and is always looking for an adventure.

Lisa2 Sousa


Dayann Dominguez obtained her degree from Bristol Community College. She cares deeply about helping others—especially her local Hispanic community—and does everything she can to help them understand why it’s important to have solid coverage on their policies. It’s for this reason that she always encourages others to ask questions and provides the best advice that she can.

When not at work, Dayann loves to spend quality time with her family or pets, Zoe and Bruno. She also loves to travel and enjoys seeing new places.

Dayann Dominguez
Customer Service Representative

Liz Caetano

Liz Caetano is a proud member of the local community. She enjoys meeting new people and building lasting relationships, which is a passion she takes into her work. She loves working for SouthCoast because they are a one-stop shop that can help with any and all insurance needs—and she knows that they can help others get the coverage they deserve.

Liz has been married for 27 years and adores her two sons. She loves spending her free time shopping, reading, or spending time with her loved ones.

Liz Caetano